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NFL Season Openers
NFL Season Openers
June 11, 2024
Fine Classroom Line
Fine Classroom Line
June 11, 2024

A million dollar moment by Joseph Wolkin

Super Bowl 46 was viewed by over 111.3 million people at any given point of the game according to USA today.
The amount of viewers for the event was outstanding as NBC broad casted the spectacle with a record audience. Companies spent millions of dollars to put their advertisements in this one of a kind evening. But fans were not surprised as the commercials were streamed on the Internet.
Topping the most popular commercials included a “naked” M&M’s character which received many laugh and the Doritos’ commerical with a dog bribing a man was hysterical according to many fans as blogs were stacked with comments about the commercial.
Junior, Stephanie Troumouhis said “The M&M’s commercial made me laugh the most because it was so funny and I loved the song it played.”
Companies spent an average of $3.5 million per ad according to That isn’t a lot of money for a 60 second ad that likely took months to create, in comparison to a usual commercial which usually costs $400,000 according to

“I think [non football fans] tuned in to see what $3.5 million pays off in 30 seconds,” said Academic Intervention Specialist, Mr. Millman.

Marketers worked endlessly to develop these nationwide commercials which was to be viewed by millions of people. Their tenacity to get the job done was by far enough to get the approval of fans throughout the country. Fans looked forward to these minute long enticing ads as they wanted to see which celebrity and which company could make them laugh the most.

A commercial by with their star athlete, NASCAR driver Danica Patrick, along side fitness guru, Jillian Michaels, showed off their bodies as always in another fan favorite ad. Painting a naked woman was the theme for this 30 second arousing commercial as the two outstanding women painted the ‘’ logo on the woman’s body. This ad was just one of the few that made men glued to their television sets in between whistles throughout the game.

Commercials for women viewers were limited as the select few amount of commercials were to their interest. The only ones included commercials with animals deemed to be adorable as well as ones with babies. One of these included Toyota with their “Reinventing Ourselves” commercial which was created in order for people to chose ‘safer’ cars for their future lives.

Throughout the history of the Super Bowl, many have watched it just for the commercials. Eighth grader Mark Kharakh believes there has been a history of companies working hard throughout the year as it makes people laugh and later involves them in the actual game. Kharakh is just one of thousands of fans who watched the game for the commercials. In a survey consisting of 114 students throughout the seventh graders, freshmans, and sophomores, 32 people watched the Super Bowl just for the commercials.

The Super Bowl is an exciting day for marketers. According to, 22 companies highlighted television screens for all 111.3 million people watching throughout the evening. There is no possible way to expose a company more than the Super Bowl.

According to, the price for a 30 second fan-crazing commercial has increased by over a million dollars since 2006 where it was $2.5 million per ad.

Each cent spent on these 30-90 second ads has shown to be effective over the years. Tactics used by each marketer for every major company has shown the true dedication to give the people what they want. These ads also sprout companies to make dramatic increases to end the first quarter of the year, a respectable way to gain momentum for the remaining quarters throughout the year, just like the Super Bowl.

“Roughly [a third] of the country watches this game, so advertising during it, no matter the expense, [it] can be made up by the people who buy the products after watching [a] game [such as the Super Bowl],” said Jordan Bank, Junior at the Bronx High School of Science.

The record viewership of Super Bowl 46 has set up companies for one of their best quarters in history. Companies such as Best Buy and Pepsi Co. each used the ads throughout the Super Bowl as an opportunity to rebound from drops in their respective stocks throughout the past year.

Super Bowl 46 brought joy to millions of Americans, well at least to the ones who were rooting for the New York Giants.

This Super Bowl has companies setting their sights even higher for next year. With less than a year to plan, marketers will scramble to find new ways to be more creative than ever, just like Mario Manningham’s spectacular catch to peculate the Giants to win their fourth Super Bowl. For 2013, a repeat of a record number of viewers may not happen again, but for all the corporate giants, it’s a day/evening for them to show they have the best products out there.

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