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NFL Season Openers
NFL Season Openers
June 11, 2024
Fine Classroom Line
Fine Classroom Line
June 11, 2024

Publication classes “dodge” poverty by Joseph Wolkin, assistant sports editor

As Middle and High school students lined up outside of the gymnasium for an odd event, enthusiasm began to spark for the first annual WJPS Dodge Ball Tournament. The tournament was set up by Ms. Sackstein, Ms. Robinson, and Ms. Destefano in order to take the publication classes to another level.
“It will create spirit for our school, team building, team work and it gives everyone at our school a healthy way to spend their time out of school hours,” said Ms. Destefano, one of the three publication teachers hosting the event.
This one of a kind event sparked the interests of many students throughout the school. For junior Diego Huerta, he wanted to participate for the chance to meet new people and that he did. Physical education teachers Mr. Angeles, Mr. Maroney, and Mr. Nissonoff were each referees at one time or another as they gym was split into two courts.
As students attempted to dodge the balls being thrown by their fellow peers and teachers, it was overheard by spectators that the event was incredible as it finally brought school spirit to WJPS.
“It’s a lot of fun and it really maximizes participation unlike the basketball game as [this event] brings everyone together [as a community] and the turnout is fantastic,” said Assistant Principal, Mr. Jurman. The gym was packed as students gathered together to cheer on their friends and teachers.
For Ms. Cimini, it was a chance to play dodge ball for the first time since she was in High School. Enthusiasm flew across the gym, just like the dodge balls which flew into the stands on several occasions, gathering a good laugh by the crowd.
 Several members of the staff became too encouraged as the adrenaline ran up and down their bodies.
“I’m looking forward for students seeing how powerful Mr. Sacher is,” said Science teacher, Mr. Sacher in an energetic manner.
Mr. Sacher was not the only one as Dean, Mr. Millman joined in on the fun.
“I’m not aiming for anybody, if they happen to run into the ball, it’s not my problem,” said Mr. Millman, whose team ended up winning the tournament.
The perspective of the dodge ball tournament raised eyebrows throughout the student body. In fact, many students such as Freshman Anthony Castagliola enjoyed the opportunity to hit their teachers.
According to Ms. Destefano, the event raised roughly $300 for the publication classes. It gives the three classes a chance at adding necessary resources to save money for additional laptop carts and award students the opportunity to go to conventions. These conventions will give students a close look at the working field, giving them additional options for their future careers.
The first annual dodge ball tournament was deemed as a success in the long-term effort to raise money for the publications classes. Students were happy and so was the staff, an overall victory for the entire school, as well as the one team that won the great event.
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