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NFL Season Openers
NFL Season Openers
June 11, 2024
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Fine Classroom Line
June 11, 2024

Halsey Gets Personal With Her ‘Badlands’ Debut (Part 2)

The first half of Halsey's debut album, Badlands, simply just introduced her journey in the music industry and through love. With songs like Castle, New Americana, and Colors, Halsey expresses her feelings about these wide variety of topics through emotional and icy lyrics. Picture is a screenshot.
The second half of Badlands really displays Halsey’s true uniqueness and speciality in the electro-pop/alternative genre. This second half talks more about her experience with love and being herself. She expresses and finishes the album with intimate lyrics and electric production. Picture is a screenshot.

by Leanna Tabora, entertainment editor 

The second half of Badlands stands out way more than the first. Singing about topics such as strange love interests and keeping control of your demons, Halsey really displays how unique she is with these tracks.

1. “Colors Part 2”– This track is a minute and a half instrumental that follows Colors into a different direction. It’s an add-on that extends the beauty of the track that feels more like a hallucination or a dream, where Halsey feels lost and confused. Rating: 8/10

2. “Strange Love”– With a mysterious and explicit vibe, Halsey speaks about a relationship she was always called out for in this song. Her tone is very straightforward and a bit angry, because it is evident she dislikes people who take too much interest in her personal life. This song is a memorable and moody track that leaves Halsey’s audience wanting to know more about this story. Rating: 8.5/10

3. “Coming Down”– Another cool love ballad. Halsey describes a lover who is both good and bad for her, describing them in different verses as a God, the devil, a martyr, and a savior. “I found God/ I found him in a lover… I found the devil/ I found him in a lover.” Rating: 9/10

4. “Haunting”– This track is definitely one of a few that really stand out. With its memorable chorus and refreshing vocals, there is no doubt that it’s one of the best. Halsey sings about someone who left her, but their presence still haunts her because she is still in love with them. This track really succeeds in showing Halsey’s talent to create something different in the world of putting heartbreak and hope into music. Rating: 10/10

5. “Gasoline”– This song is meant for everyone, because it talks about being strange, original, and different and taking pride in that. It has a great chorus with a heavy feel and is very explicit but it’s definitely wonderful and empowering just like “Hurricane.” Rating: 8.5/10

6. “Control”– This track perfectly fits right after “Gasoline,” but at the same time would be so much better if it was before or after “Hold Me Down.” It has the heavy and angry tone that “Gasoline” has, because Halsey once again talks about taking on her demons and taking pride in the person she is because she’s so much better than what overcomes her. It’s one of the most inspirational songs on the album, with a hauntingly strange yet cool vibe. Rating: 8/10

7. “Young God”– Anybody can feel like a “Young God” in bed with this song. It has a sexual vibe that makes one feel as if they’re on cloud 9, with a seductive tone and lyrics that are meant for lovers. The idea Halsey put into this song is perfect because it gives off the right vibe and feeling to her listeners which makes this song memorable and one that people can listen to on repeat when they’re in that erotic mood. Rating: 9.5/10

8. “I Walk The Line”– Halsey did a great job closing the album just as well as she did with opening the album with this track. “I Walk The Line” talks about embarking on a journey just like “Castle” did, but instead it finished a chapter and that chapter is Badlands. She explains that she found someone who is important to her and that nothing else matters, making it a very cool and beautiful way to close the album. Rating: 9.5/10

Although there are amazing songs on Badlands, there’s really nothing special about it as a whole. It’s mediocre and there isn’t a single original second on the album. Even though Halsey did a great job delivering different messages within different tracks on Badlands, all the messages she delivered have been done before which is a very negative point about the album as a whole. Apart from all of that, it’s a cool album to listen to on a long ride home and is above average compared to a lot of other music released this past year. Halsey could have done a lot better, and hopefully she does in the near future. As Halsey says, “We are now leaving the Badlands.” Rating: B

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