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NFL Season Openers
NFL Season Openers
June 11, 2024
Fine Classroom Line
Fine Classroom Line
June 11, 2024

The Secrets we Keep Chapter 4: The awful things she’s Planning


by Briyahna Rice, staff reporter

 “I’ve got bad blood, I’ve done bad things.Screen shot 2015-04-30 at 8.27.58 AM

     How can I control myself

If I enjoy these nasty habits?

I can hear the voices stirring,

All the awful things they’re planning

                                         I don’t play nice

                                          I don’t give in

                           Was it nature? Was it nature?

                              Maybe I was just born evil.”

These were the lyrics that played through her earphones as Lena crossed the street and walked up to the high school.The song she was listening to was anything if not vividly descriptive of what she was now. It seem as though a lot of the music that Lena listens to somehow related to whatever situation she faced. The cool weather of early October had a comforting feeling in contrast to the sudden heat that she felt in her gullet.  

“Get from behind me, you damn rogue!’’  said Lizabeth aggressively.

In this particular case, the term that someone has eyes in the back of their head can literally be applied to how Lizabeth is able to sense Mr. Levine coming so close. Despite the sudden rush of nausea, Lena was inclined to keep walking, but turned her back for a brief moment to glance and see that he was indeed within a close proximity of her.  He was wearing shades, but Lena was willing to bet that he was taking very close notice of the way her hips swayed when she walked with her bag.

Sadly for him, she had no interest in pursuing his  lecherous advances or indulging them for that matter.

“Or if he thinks that we will, it’ll be a cold day in the hottest depths of  hell,” said Lizabeth.

“You’re telling me,” Lena said out loud.

Fortunately, no one was around to hear her momentary soliloquy. Truthfully, before Lizabeth came along, Lena had no one to walk to school with and no one to depart from school with. But she had absolutely no problem with it. This way, she didn’t have to wait for someone who was taking their time at their lockers, someone who was playing on their phone, or listening to their own music. That being said, there wouldn’t be any actual conversation.  Now she has the best of both worlds: a friend to have genuine conversations with, without the use of technology or any procrastination.

At last she entered the school building and stood against the wall on the left side of the building,  with hands tucked firmly in her jacket pockets. The inside of the building was filled with other students who sat on the floors and passed the time on their phones. It was only 7: 30 and students aren’t allowed upstairs until 7: 45. That gave her 15 minutes to contemplate what to do about Levine and “his” lascivious intentions.

Speaking of the devil, he made his way into the school building and past the crowd of  students. His shades were gone and  his eyes were quietly surveying the trio of girls that were sitting near the double doors to go upstairs and stared down at them with unbridled lust in his eyes.  All the girls did was smile up at him. Just what he needed to boast his inflated ego.

“A wise man once said that all that glitters is not gold. I wonder if that concept could be applied to such a situation,”  Lizabeth said disappointed. It was moments like this where Lena wished she could open her mouth and respond to Lizabeth without seeming schizophrenic. The best she could use was  the telepathy that she had acquired as part of the ritual, just as she would hold a normal conversation, but form the words within her own subconscious  mind and let Lizabeth hear that.

“You could be right, but I’m only wondering which of those girls will realize that concept after they wake up in his bed with Rohypnol still in their systems,” Lena said telepathically. Levine was just about to open one of the doors to go upstairs but not before looking back in Lena’s direction and giving her a smirk and yet again another wink. Lena could do nothing but narrow her eyes, grit her teeth, and clench her fists. Another flurry of  heat surged within her body as Lizabeth rang out another tirade of  hatred. This time, Lena allowed it.

“Go to Hell and take this with you, you damn dog. When I get done burying your mutilated body, they will build a monument to my sins and in death, you will be labeled as a reprobate and sexual predator. Just like the others who have come before and after you. At every corner I lurk in the darkest shadow, and I will dance on the back of your despair  as you stare down the blade of my knife.

At that last sentence, Lena intervened. “Wait, hold on. I hate Levine too, but we’re not really going to kill him,”  she said.

“Why is that? You may not be in the AP classes, but you see the looks he’s been giving you. It’s only a matter of time, and a man who is driven by lust will not lay dormant for very long.  Unless we stop him. This is just what we want, which is why it will  feel so right.”

Lena could do nothing but listen and contemplate all the awful things Lizabeth was planning.  That’s when the rest of the lyrics to the song from this morning came to mind and perfectly foretold what was to  come.

I don’t feel pain

I don’t back down

My thoughts are filled with cruel intentions

Maybe my conscience is possesed

It’s no use I can’t control it

Maybe it’s a sign not to quit.

I can guarantee that we’ll do evil things

The only way that you can stop me now

is if you put me in the ground

Somewhere I’ll never be found

I am most disturbed

I deserve to be interred

Don’t you dare turn your back on me

I’ll attack without a warning sound

Terror lurks in the night

Song: Bad Blood by Creature Feature

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