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NFL Season Openers
NFL Season Openers
June 11, 2024
Fine Classroom Line
Fine Classroom Line
June 11, 2024

No way, Jose by Joseph Wolkin, staff reporter

The New York Mets have lost their star SS. All-Star Jose Reyes has left the Mets to join the recently renamed Miami Marlins. The deal was a six year, $106 million dollar contract, an unbelievably high amount for a player that has a high injury risk. The Marlins are making it their off season priority to add players with high standards which come with a high cost, a cost that may be worth it. But for Mets fans, losing Reyes is something that means a lot more than just a player on their team. He made the fans think big and believe that the Mets could win. But as tough as it may be, ownership is doing it’s best to replace Reyes as impossible as that seems.

“Well, I think they’re gonna do bad because Jose carried the team,” stated junior, Chris O’Driscoll.

Jose Reyes was the franchise player on the Mets besides David Wright. Reyes made his major league debut with the Mets, giving him his big break for a man drafted as a teenager from the Dominican Republic in 2003. Reyes had previously made a strong impact on the Mets throughout the years, proving that while he is in the lineup, the team won more games than without him.

However, Reyes is a player which has had numerous injuries throughout the years, making his value lesser than top free agents. Reyes should have given the Mets a chance, even though the Mets don’t have a lot of money to spend this offseason due to the Bernie Madoff saga. He owed it to the team that groomed him into the All-Star he has become and the fans for creating Reyes’ personality into what it is today.

Thousands and thousands of fans root for Reyes on a daily basis at Citi Field, the home of the Mets, even giving him his own personal chant which will never be the same in any other city.

           While discussing whether or not it is a good decision for Reyes to join the Miami Marlins, O’Driscoll stated, “for his benefit it’s good because of the money, but for us, the fans, it’s not because we won’t have a good SS and leadoff hitter.”

The Mets need a closer. Frank Francisco as well as John Rauch are just two of the possible closers the Mets may have in 2012. Ever since the Francisco Rodriguez trade in the past season, the Mets have been without a full time closer. This turn of events began to frustrate manager, Terry Collins. The frustration throughout the clubhouse led to a point where the team went on a streak of blowing slaves with pitchers Bobby Parnell and Jason Isringhausen.

But, their are some new faces coming to Flushing for the 2012 season. CF Angel Pagan has been traded to the San Fransisco Giants, leading the way for Andres Torres to come along in the trade with two terribly needed relief pitchers, Frank Fransisco (key target landed for the Mets) and Ramon Ramirez. Terry Collins stated that Torres will be the leadoff hitter in 2012, setting high expectations for a guy who can definitely handle that. Torres was remarkable during the Giants’ 2010 World Series campaign. Ramirez and Fransisco are both well accomplished and in their prime years. These three players should give Mets fans some hope to say the least.

    Home Runs were rare for the Mets in 2011. The Mets only hit 108 HR’s according to, making them one of the worst in the majors. Due to the highly debatable outfield fences in left field, left-center (Wright’s power spot), as well as right field where the ‘Pepsi Porch’ is located. Fans are thrilled about this.

A change the Mets are making in 2012, not a major one for performance, but from the fans perspectives it is something to look forward to. The Mets unveiled a new uniform recently. The uniform will be a classic one, dating back to the ‘pinstripe days’ back in 1962, the Mets first season in the majors as it is the Mets’ 60th anniversary. The Mets will bring back the classic uniform as well as many ways to celebrate the team’s historic anniversary, one that will be meaningful.

Mets fan’s always find things to criticize about the team, but after all, that’s what happens with every sports team. Mets fan’s are dedicated unlike most other teams, through thick and thin the fans will always be there to cheer their home team on, whether it’s in situations like 1986 with the highest of highs, or 2006 with the lowest of lows, Mets fan’s are always there.

The expectation fans have had through previous seasons makes many think to themselves, “hey, don’t we deserve a winning team at this point, it’s been years since we’ve been contenders.” The Mets need to spend money this off season, it will be difficult as ownership continues to look for a minority partner, but when they get someone to buy a small portion of the team, they have some unfinished business to do. Just remember, they already lost their top star which is bad in of itself.

       Troubles throughout the clubhouse have made it difficult for the Mets to win throughout the years, creating controversy throughout the years. But hey, at least their not the Red Sox who drink in the clubhouse after games no matter what the circumstance is.

The Mets only chance to compete with the Phillies was to have resigned Reyes, but that option quickly ended on the unofficial signing date on December 4th, and pick up another starter, fix the bullpen and their good to go. Fans will just have to wait and see what happens.

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