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NFL Season Openers
NFL Season Openers
June 11, 2024
Fine Classroom Line
Fine Classroom Line
June 11, 2024

Excited Juniors enter the world of Food Network by Ning Shi, staff reporter

The bus stopped after reaching its destination, leaving students at Chelsea Market. Within the vicinity, multiple stores were seen from left to right, as Ms. Destefano and students walked to the Food Network studio. Alumni of culinary schools were in the kitchen testing the food as the aroma welcomed the students to the studio.  

On Friday, January 6, Ms. Destefano and her advisory visited the Food Network studio to learn the business of the food industry.

“I never dreamed of having this experience so I’m excited!” said Arianna Pincay, junior. “I was looking forward to see the food network stars and the Iron Chef studio.”

During their arrival, Micheal Smith a general manager of the Food Network, introduced himself in the Boardroom.

Mr. Smith started talking about the background on food network and how the industry was developed. He explained that there are four departments’ which allow the network to be organized and stabilized. Department one is made of reviewers that look through ideas for the show, the second department is in charge of marketing, meanwhile the third department does business negotiations, and the fourth department sells ads to earn money.  

“The best thing about my job is making TV programs for people to watch, but the worst is not having enough time to do other things,” said Mr. Smith. “I think that it’s important to have a balance and have other hobbies to be interested in.”

Mr. Smith presented video clips of the two channels provided by the Food Network. They are directed towards different audiences such as the cooking channel for 18-34 years old that favors multiple types of food traditions. The food network channel is for people that don’t want to travel around but stay at their basic menu.

“It’s important to focus on the customer and pay attention to the customer’s needs. You need to think about the direction of the channel, and how to motivate people to watch it,” said Mr. Smith.

After watching the videos, juniors were lead to the fifth floor where the studio’s kitchens are located. They entered studio A where Iron Chef takes place along with other cooking shows, like Rachel Ray.  

Throughout the tour, students and teachers discovered how they cycle and build sets according to the shows.

“The studio was smaller than I expected, it’s bigger on t.v but the way they prepare and cycle the sets [is] quite interesting,” said Katherine Eglezos, junior.  

When the tour ended, students were allowed to explore Chelsea Market and relax at the Highline, a park.  

“I thought this trip would be a great opportunity for students in our publication, and to cover an interesting and relevant story,” said Ms. Destefano, English teacher.

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