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NFL Season Openers
NFL Season Openers
June 11, 2024
Fine Classroom Line
Fine Classroom Line
June 11, 2024

NBA Player Ratings for the New York Knicks

by Christopher Petronella, Sports Editor

Even though they might have a superstar like Carmelo Anthony, one player can not win by himself, even the best need help from other players and teammates since basketball is a team sport. The team has been rated on their skills, and how they've been playing throughout the season. Picture is a Screenshot.
Even though they might have a superstar like Carmelo Anthony, one player can not win by himself, even the best need help from other players and teammates since basketball is a team sport. The team has been rated on their skills, and how they’ve been playing throughout the season. Picture is a Screenshot.=

Langston Galloway: Point Guard B+

The D-league kid, is playing like a true score first point guard. He has the skills to shoot, although it may be lacking as of recently. When he wants to win, he will try his best to come out with the win. His playmaking ability is also essential in the Knicks coming victories.

Carmelo Anthony: Small Forward A

After his recent injuries, Carmelo Anthony has been on fire. He has been shooting 45% from the field and getting away with 2 trey’s per game. He’s been shooting and grabbing boards like an elite small forward comparing him to such players as Lebron James and Kevin Durant.

Tim Hardaway Jr. Shooting Guard B-

What can be said about Tim Hardaway, a few things. He has the ability to shoot threes from limitless range, however he has consistency issues. He also has the tendency to shoot the ball at the wrong time! However when hes hot, he is able to shoot get some assists and a few boards on top of that so he deserves that grade.

Cleanthony Early: Small Forward/Shooting Guard D+

It is really hard to determine how good he is because of the lack of minutes he earns. Through his stats however it says he averages a 25% from the field with 4.3 points per game. This can because of minutes or skill. Either way Early should keep trying and later he may deserve a better grade.

Lance Thomas: Power Forward B-

He is a so so player. He had two good games this season and now the Knicks are glad they picked him. They signed him for the rest of the season. He has the ability to score from the center of the court, however he isn’t efficient enough in grabbing rebounds. This causes his grade to decline drastically.

Louis Amundson: Starting Center B

One problem with Amundson is that he was a bench player last year for the Chicago Bulls therefore he doesn’t have any experience of starting a game. He seems to be having a good run so far. However, that is sure to decline since he is not amongst one of the best centers and isn’t used to having starting minutes.

Jose Calderon: Point Guard C-

Biggest bust the Knicks picked up, Jose Calderon has been awful. He has horrible scores only 9.2 points per game with 42 from the field. He doesn’t grab enough assists as he used to be on the Mavericks and he is looking like a backup player. People should forget about Calderon producing for any team.

Quincy Acy: Power Forward D+

The MVP, just kidding, He hasn’t been doing as good as he could. The man has butterfingers so he can’t hold onto the ball. He has no rebounding skills which detracts from his potential. He is arrogant and has no team chemistry. He has enough problems keeping up with the rest of the team.

Shane Larkin: Point Guard F

“This guy is garbage why did the Knicks pick him up? Were they desperate?” Queens college student Vlad Moroianu said.

Larkin has no skill, sure he can dribble but can he shoot? Nope, the man has no shooting ability! His career field goal is .40 which is awful for a point guard. He needs to be more involved with the team finding players and getting the ball out of his hand. For now he will have to keep this rating.

Jason Smith: Power Forward/Center C+

Because it is only his first year, he has excuses for now and is trying hard. He is able to post up (body up and create space), he has the ability to shoot, and he tries his best. His effort on the court is admirable and he will be a great player if he keeps trying in the future.

Pablo Prigioni: Point Guard C-

The Knicks want to trade him, it would be a good idea since he is coming close to the 40 year old era. He plays better than Larkin which is a great start, however he isn’t going to have that later on. He is averaging 4.7 points per game and 2.4 assists per game.

Travis Wear: Small Forward D

The kid’s basketball IQ isn’t stable, but he is okay and he can improve a lot. He can shoot at times but not greatly. He isn’t able to grab boards when he is 6”10, he only average 2.2 rebounds per game and he has a 40% field goal.

Overall Grade of the Knicks: C The Knicks are just not a good team yet, however they will change next year when they get next years draft picks.

These players are injured therefore they are not receiving a rating:

Cole Aldrich: Did Not Play (DNP)

Andrea Bargnani: DNP

Amar’e Stoudemire: DNP

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