Lost Home, Lost Hope

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Lost Home, Lost Hope
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Life is getting harder.

Food is running out.

Hope is being lost.


“Abdel! Abdel! We must go!” my mother called out.

I looked out the window–

I see troops ahead.

I model as an innocent child fighting for freedom.

Brothers turn into foes.

The Syrian Civil War has just begun.

There was a blood bath right outside the house.

My mom holds me and my brothers tight.

She brushes her hand against my broken arm.

My arm was a victim of a gun fight

I went to the market to get some food when I was ambushed.

I came back home— a bone sticking out, I tried to hide it.

“Everything will be ok” she said as a tear rushes down her face.


I look out the window–

I witnessed Hell.

I see men fight.

I see men die.

These men have saved our troubled lives.


I’m leaving because of the war that has taken over of what once was a

beautiful country.

Everything is crumbling right before my eyes.

Why? Why did this have to happen?

I remember how peaceful it was here.

There is no such thing as peace,



We are going to a “better place” they say.



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