Uber will implement flying taxis by 2020

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Uber will implement flying taxis by 2020
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by Kay Kim, editor in chief

“Join us as we chat about fast-forwarding to the future of on-demand, urban air transportation”. Photo attribution to Uber on Twitter.

During the Dallas summit on Tuesday, Uber announced its plan to test flying cars by 2020.

AeroMobil Flying Car is a Slovkian company that introduced flying cars at the Top Marques Mona, a showcase of luxury goods. The car is capable of seating five passengers and can open and close its wings within minutes.

On ground, the vehicle can go as 100 mph and travel 434 miles before the gas tank needs to be refilled. In the air, it can fly 466 miles with a maximum speed of 223 mph.

AeroMobil’s company officials stated they are ready for pre-orders of the vehicle, which will be delivered by 2020. The price can range anywhere from $1.3 million to $1.6 million.

Drivers who will operate these vehicles will be required to hold both a driver’s and a pilot’s license.

To utilize a wide range of vehicle for its “flight on demand” service, Uber already partnered with five aircraft companies. The vehicle would use a vertical takeoff-and-landing method, which will allow smooth lift into the sky and back down to the ground to drop off passengers.

“It sounds really unrealistic. I think it is a good thing how technology is being very innovative. I think it will be really helpful, but it might start to get a little crazy, like a lot of people taking advantage of it [the system],” ninth grade student Daniel Ian said.

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