• The Highlight #12 March 2018

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    https://vimeo.com/259943651 Anchors- Faith Ki, Julianne Sucre In the classroom: Solar balloons lab- Denise Amorgianos Reporter Beth Daley visits WJPS- Andrew Keblish Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Petrotta- Brianna Mendoza Student Spotlight: Parashos Psihoulas- Kevin Cosgrove Career Day 2018- Athina Psallidas 2018 Chinese New Year Festival in Flushing, NY- Julian Chen Weather forecast- Kyriaki Siderakis Producer/Editor- Denise Amorgianos, […]

  • The Reluctant Gatekeeper


    By: Cameron Casalta, senior reporter Mr. Lai’s calculus/pre-calculus class participated in a socratic seminar to discuss the article “The Reluctant Gatekeeper” from the website, Math with Bad Drawings. A Socratic Seminar is an activity in which students help one another understand the ideas, issues, and values reflected in a text through a group discussion. In […]

  • The Highlight #11 March 2018

    Broadcast, Highlight, News

    https://vimeo.com/259382171 Anchors- Robert McDonald, Noah Levine Mr. Lai sings acapella-Kristy Tineo Bullying prevention workshop-Edona Mema WJPS Jam Band- James Panagakos Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Reff-Aishah Jaberi How to: Mozzarella sticks-Julia DiMarcello Weather forecast-Sabrina Cavounis Producer/Editor-Edona Mema Advisors-Ms. Shields, Mr. Christopulos

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WJPS News switched from a monthly newspaper (named The Blazer) to an online convergent media site. Now, working with the school’s broadcast, The Highlight and the yearbook The Byline, we are hoping to bring the information for students to one place.