• Adele’s Throat Surgery Brianna Rosenberg, staff reporter


    Adele’s surgery results in cancellation of shows After a busy year with the success of her second studio album “21”, including two number one singles, and numerous sold out shows across the country, Adele’s vocal chords have been suffering.   In October, Adele suffered with a vocal chord hemorrhage and had no choice but to […]

  • Thank Skrillex for dubstep By Xavier Carlson, staff reporter


    The very first dubstep releases originated in the UK more than 10 years ago. Since then, up until the mid-2000s, it was purely an experimental form of music. From 2006-2010, dubstep was steadily revamped and grew in popularity. Since 2010, its popularity has spiked.        Many people attribute dubstep’s popularity to the dubstep producer, Skrillex, […]

  • Versace Has Landed Allison O’Hagan, staff reporter


    Donnatelli Versace has opened up her luxury designs to the public through the clothing store H&M as of November 17th. First opened in London in England’s Regent Direct Store, it’s popularity was demonstrated as people in London camped out in the cold for the first opportunity to buy Versace’s designs. Customers were given a limit […]

  • No way, Jose by Joseph Wolkin, staff reporter


    The New York Mets have lost their star SS. All-Star Jose Reyes has left the Mets to join the recently renamed Miami Marlins. The deal was a six year, $106 million dollar contract, an unbelievably high amount for a player that has a high injury risk. The Marlins are making it their off season priority […]

  • One goal away: Francis Lewis makes finals by David Villagra, staff reporter


    After making it to the finals three years straight, Francis Lewis High School has been established as one of the nation’s top high school sport teams. They recently played their finals against Martin Luther King High School, which happens to be third best in the country, while Francis Lewis is twenty-fourth. Francis Lewis hasn’t lost […]

  • 1-2 knockout for WJPS on Career Day by Joseph Wolkin, staff reporter


    WJPS had a day in the spotlight as boxing great Vinny Maddalone, as well as Philadelphia Independence up and coming player, Gina DiMartino, joined WJPS for Career Day in the greatest of ways. The staff welcomed the star athletes with a breakfast in Ms. Schneider’s office, paving the way for a Press Conference led by […]

  • Muggle Quidditch Takes Off by Gabriella Yannotti


    Hoops, broomsticks, and a winged golden ball; any Potter fan will recognize these as crucial elements of Quidditch, a sport conceptualized by J.K Rowling, author of the Harry Potter book series. Though this magical pastime was meant for witches and wizards, muggles* seem to have taken a liking to it as well. According to http://magazine.ucla.edu, […]

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