• School lunch, think again! By, Ning Ning Shi


    Maybe school lunch is not as healthy as people thought. Over the years, the National School Lunch Program has provided 26 million children with free or reduced meals. While many might think the government would organize and supply healthy meals for students, the outcome is different from what was expected. According to the Physician’s Committee […]

  • NBA creates an “amnesty” great by Joseph Wolkin, staff reporter


    The NBA (National Basketball Association) has been in a lockout since July first, the fourth lockout in league history. The last time the NBA had a lockout was in the 1998-1999 season with a shortened season of just 50 games. The owners and the Player’s Association (PA) , led by Free Agent (FA), and Point […]

  • Calling all the bad girls by Kiana Douby, staff reporter


    “A bad girl knows what she wants and knows how to get it. She makes her own way, makes her own rules and she makes no apologies,” is the beginning of the creed to the famous show Bad Girls Club, and it defines the girls who make up the show. This show centers around seven […]

  • Holidays in Rockefeller Center by Shannon Doran, entertainment editor


    Eyes light up more than the tree. Smiles automatically spread across tourists’ eager faces as they practically start running towards the beautiful sight to see. Hearts go into their stomachs as they speed towards the one and only Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. Emotions are running through all people as they experience seeing the tree […]

  • Twilight shines again by Shannon Doran Entertainment Editor


    Many teens know of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, or Bella and Edward, as the couple that will last for eternity. All these movies of the vampire love story started coming to an end when Breaking Dawn: Part One came out on November 18th. According to eonline.com, The Hollywood Reporter (THR) magazine rated the movie […]

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